Exposing Players Stats in LATE GAME ARENA… (sweaty)

Dominating Late Game Arena Lobbies, and then EXPOSING everyone’s’ stats!
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35 thoughts on “Exposing Players Stats in LATE GAME ARENA… (sweaty)”

  1. Stats do not always mean everything especially if you do not know the person behind them. For a example I did not even try to learn to be decent till last few seasons and before all I played BR for was quest I could not do in team rumble. I played br somewhat in chapter 1 and been playing since ch1 season 3. I just started to get much better the last 2 seasons since they ruined team rumble so I decided to get better and been practicing some. I have a bad back myself that pinches nerves in my neck so my hand can move on its own sometimes which screws me up a lot to. I know it is just entertainment but I was just making a point to why states do not always mean anything 🙂 still love your videos and working on my own videos in the future. I hope I can get even a 1/4 the size you are with subscribers. also hope i can get anywhere close to as good as you are at editing and game sense.


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