FNF Gospel but Sarvente vs Chainsaw Man (Sarvente and Chainsaw Man Sings Gospel) – FNF Cover

FNF Gospel but Chainsaw man and Sarvente sings it.
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Mod link:
Cover by me
Gospel OST : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBZ2cMSwaNs
Mid Fight Masses Rework (No Official): Privated
FNF CHAINSAW VS SWORD: https://gamebanana.com/mods/379707
Sarventeโ€™s Mid-Fight Masses : Privated
Mod creators are listed in the mod page

Voice bank/Chromatics:
Credit to GenoX, Kawai Sprite and Blantados
Chainsaw man chromatics by https://www.youtube.com/WILLI4MJK
UTAU Voice Bank: https://github.com/GenoX-Fome/funkin-utau/tree/main/2%20FANMADE%20UTAUs%20inspired%20on%20FNF
Blantados Voice Bank: https://github.com/Blantados/blantados-funkin-utau-main
Base Game Chromatics: https://drive.google.com/drive/folderโ€ฆ
the rest of chromatics : https://github.com/Chimmie-mpeg/FNF-FANMADE-CHROMATIC-SCALES
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All of the gameplay in this channel are 100% played by myself (recording and editing)

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FNF Gospel but Sarvente vs Chainsaw Man (Sarvente and Chainsaw Man Sings Gospel)
Chainsaw Man sings Gospel
Sarvente vs Chainsaw Man sings Gospel
FNF Gospel but Chainsaw Man Sings it
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