FREESTYLE NOTES AND BEATBOXING [Friday Night Funkin Script Showcase]

Do you like PaRappa and Melodii’s freestyle system? Do you want to make your own ERECT or B-SIDE remixes before they even come out? Do you just wanna pop off while you wait for your opponent? This script is for you!

If you use this for anything, let me know – I’d love to see it! Feel free to credit me too

I wrote a script in FNF Psych Engine that lets you freestyle beatbox AND sing actual notes! Make sure to keep ghost tapping on

Instructions are in the LUA script but just to make sure, they’re also here
Space – make BF do an animation and say “yeah”
Tab – Switch between beatboxing mode and chromatic mode
Shift – if you’re in chromatic mode, holding it makes you play the upper half of the scale. If you’re in beatboxing mode,
it switches you to the next set of sounds. Right now there’s just two sets
Alt – switches between major/minor scale. Doesn’t do shit if you’re in beat mode
CONTROL – switches the scale, raising it by a semitone
BACKSPACE – switches the scale, lowering it by a semitone.
CAPSLOCK – toggles beatSnap mode for chromatics. Can only snap to later beats since I haven’t discovered time travel, sadly.

Friday Night Funkin’ Mod, inspired byPaRappa the Rapper freestyle, Scratchin’ Melodii freestyle


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