Friday Night Funkin' mod EVIL Pico vs Ruvyzvat DAY 2!

This mod is based on an alternate universe to Corruption after Deathmatch, after Daddy Dearest left Boyfriend seriously injured to prevent him from uncorrupting.

and as I said, due to some small personal problems, we took a while to release this, but here it is, after requesting it so badly!

out to emphasize that this is not something reimagined, it is a continuation in an alternate universe, after Deathmatch.

please do not relate or confuse this project with other corruption fanmades.

@Vzer – Song ‘Presledovanila’ and Ruv’s Voice!

@PhyPsi – Charter!
@𓊆𓆩♡𓆪𓊇 pastel prvncess # 4640 – Artist!
Pancat # 5574 – Artist!
@Racoon J.M – Pico Voice Actor!!
@Seunio – Artist and Sunday’s Voice!
@Audi – the Gameplay Visual Rendering.
@DANI24 – The Visual Effects and some sprites.

Contact me to ask about the mod or send me your fan arts!
Open DM! ElAnthonyVixtin# 6839 on discord!


33 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' mod EVIL Pico vs Ruvyzvat DAY 2!”

  1. Sin duda alguna es de los mods de corrupcion con más esfuerzo, las animaciones entre las canciones, el que hablen en medio de estas, y el hecho de que puedan comunicarse es algo bastante nuevo y original, aunque eso si, ahora tocara esperar la siguiente parte, me dejo mucho Hype

  2. This is actually better that day 1. In fact, i'm pretty suprised with the visuals. That screen glow is a blammed light, but i'm suprised that its in here. I mean, the engine of the mod isnt psych, right? So thats kinda suprising. But the mod so far is very good. But i think that those Tankmens in the bg could like idk shot on to the limo or something thsn just riding in the back. But still, this is a top notch video

  3. Nah man, no es ni medio normal la cantidad de contenido en un solo video, se nota el cariño puesto, sigan asi 😉

    Dato :
    No se si tenga sentido el hecho de que pico no muestre ni un signo de q se descorrompe pero quiero suponer q es porq en estos momentos la corrupcion tiene a DD y a Sarv en su bando y pos ahora ta rotisima
    Alguien sabe si en esta historia BF se libero dsps de Deatmatch o sigue corrompido ?

    Ah y porfavor gente se dice
    Corromper NO Corruptar 😶

  4. Man, i though this would be some bad corruption mod, BUT NO, THIS IS REALLY WELL MADE, the music is really good, the art looks fantastic, and even though the cutscene looks a little weird (to me at least) it's still really well made, so i don't mind, but wow, the corruption takeover mod and this (idk if this is in the same mod) but i hope it is, even though the charting looks, well ya know, hard…. like really hard, looks fun so ima give it a try, wish me luck on fcing (since i like doing that) and amazing job to everyone that worked on this!


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