Friday Night Funkin' VS Funkin MIX FULL WEEK 1-2 | DEMO (FNF MOD/HARD) (Lila/Skid/Pump)

Friday Night Funkin’, VS Funkin MIX (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. This time the FNF cast are mixed with each other, providing them with bits of each other’s personalities.
Funkin MIX Official Twitter:

Boyfriend meets Girlfriend for the very first time. GF asks BF for help to convince Daddy Dearest to let her join his business and BF agrees, they eventually start dating and the main story begins. In this mod the characters are mixed with each other, for example; BF is mixed with Pico, GF is mixed with Mommy Gearest, Skid & Pump are mixed with BF, Lila is mixed with Lemon Monster and I’m not sure about the others. We’ll be playing it on very hard mode for all Funkin MIX songs.

Funkin’ MIX [Full 2 weeks | Demo] Mod Download:

Game Note: In a calm campus, Pico and Otis attack a school, and students, including BF, are hurt. These thoughts not only affect BF’s character but also his future. After the school incident, he became a professional killer, working under Daddy Dearest. After a mission, BF accidentally overhears a conversation between his boss and his daughter GF. And it all. That is how it all started.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ Funkin MIX Week 1-2 Mod Timestamp
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:21 Message
00:33 Intro
00:43 Title Screen
00:50 Menu
00:58 All Weeks
01:08 Lore
01:11 Cutscenes/Dialogue 1
02:57 BF & GF Meet
05:56 Tutorial Remix (Girlfriend vs Boyfriend)
07:39 Cutscenes/Dialogue 2
08:30 Cutscenes/Dialogue 3
12:12 1) Bopeebo Remix (Daddy Dearest vs BF)
13:40 Cutscenes/Dialogue 4
14:18 2) Fresh Remix
15:50 Cutscenes/Dialogue 5
16:12 Daddy Why?
16:58 3) Dad Battle Remix (Gun Mechanic)
17:58 BF Last Stand
18:20 BF knocks his weapon away
18:24 Cutscenes/Dialogue 6
19:54 Cutscenes/Dialogue 7
22:06 4) Spookeez Remix (Skid & Pump vs Boyfriend)
23:42 Cutscenes/Dialogue 8
25:08 Lila Fuse with a Monster
26:09 5) S. O. S Song (Lelaom vs BF, Skid & Pump)
28:33 Cutscenes/Dialogue 9
30:29 Is it really Lila?
31:28 6) Sickly Sour Song (Lila vs BF & Moloch)
31:36 She Laughs
31:50 Darkness
32:11 It’s Me!
34:27 Ending Cutscenes
37:20 Song List | Freeplay
37:42 7) Dad Battle AP (Daddy Dearest VS Boyfriend)
39:23 8) Warmth (Skid & Pump VS Boyfriend)
42:17 9) West (Skid & Pump VS Boyfriend)
44:53 10) Object Error (Lila VS Boyfriend)
48:02 Credit
48:25 Extras / Full Game Over Theme
49:32 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Funkin MIX Week 2 & Week 1 below
VS Funkin MIX FULL WEEK 1-2 (Cutscenes!) Mod Download link:
Namdam_096 – Owned, Co-director, Lead Artist, Lead Spriter, Scripter:
PosiTVt – Co-director, Main Artist, Scripter / Sprite Pose designer:
Toast Fish – Lead Coder:
tbyt – Lead Composer:
Qski – Main Spriter:
fileeeeeeeeos – Composer:
DareiPhobia_ – Main Spriter:
MikeFNF – Stage Artist:
FLD9 – Concept Artist:
ascenti – Artist:
Farsy – Charter:
diego26007 – Charter
Dreupy – Charter:
Echo_Forwarning – Charter:
ThatOneGamingDude // T1GD – tutorial song:
Banana – Lila, Lelaom and Lemon monster chromatic:

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k HD (2023)
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49 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' VS Funkin MIX FULL WEEK 1-2 | DEMO (FNF MOD/HARD) (Lila/Skid/Pump)”

  1. They're back!

    And I must say that it is without a doubt a considerable improvement.

    The background story is very good, even the dialogues, I really like the new design of this universe, congratulations to the creators and their great effort, keep up the enthusiasm!

  2. I will tell you characters have been mix up like other characters and colors icons
    Boyfriend is pico he’s hair cover is orange also the eye too and he has a gun also icon
    Girlfriend is mommy dearest she’s wearing her dress like mommy mearest and hair and icon too
    skid and pump is boyfriend skid is wearing a black cap backwards like BF also both icon is blue like BF
    Lila is lemon demon She has been curse infection by lemon demon also icon too and teeth’s and eyes like lemon demon

  3. I dig the idea of characters fusing together, Shadic from Nazo Unleashed was one of the first ones I've seen that got me interested in this trope. So far I really like the premise of this mod, really feels very unique and the story has me hooked. I can't wait to see more fusions, Lila's design is sick!

  4. I'm honeslty kinda curious with how OTHER mod characters, like Carol, Sky, Whitty, Annie, etc., would be like with their personalities and appearances mixed. would be pretty sweet.


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