Friday Night Funkin' VS Illegal Instruction V2, CANCELLED BUILD (FNF Mod) (Knuckles/Sonic/Sonic.exe)

Friday Night Funkin’ VS Illegal Instruction V2 (FULL WEEK) for the PC in 2160p Ultra HD. Boyfriend & Girlfriend are back to face The sonic.exe/knuckles.exe characters. Will BF & GF beat them?

I can’t really remember but I think some of these songs were supposed to be for the Sonic.exe 3.0 update, but then that mod got canceled so some of the team members went to Illegal Instruction, but then that got canceled twice, but I think Sonic.exe rerun & The Fatal Files are still going strong though.

One of the coders for Illegal Instruction officially released cancelled build on
their Twitter account, I think it’s okay to play the mod based on that.

VS Illegal Instruction V2 Download:

Game Note: Duke is the main antagonist of the mod. In this timeline, X became Duke instead of Sonic.EXE and his story is a retelling of the original Sonic.EXE story. Thomas receives the disc related to the Sonic franchise, and he plays the side story; Knuckles’ Chaotix. All characters throughout the game die and Thomas not before dies by an unknown force.

Sonic.exe (also known as X or exe for short) is the main antagonist of the main Sonic.EXE series creepypasta. Sonic.EXE haunted game disc killing the main Sonic characters.

All Songs from Friday Night Funkin’ VS SONIC.EXE Illegal Instruction Full Week Mod Timestamp:
00:00 Game Over Animation
00:30 Message
00:49 Title Screen (Everything is new)
01:12 Menu
01:26 Coolest Freeplay Ever
02:24 All Weeks
03:00 1) Breakout – Song (Duke vs BF w/ GF)
04:27 Duke Laughs
05:33 Chaos Control?
05:58 Modchart
06:38 2) Soulless Endeavors – Song
08:11 Bonus Stage (Buggy)
09:10 Bonus ends
10:24 3) Vista – Song (VS Chaotix)
11:15 Chaotix transform
13:36 I found you tails!
15:49 4) Emerald Hill – Song (VS Sonic)
18:16 Sonic becomes Ashura
19:28 5) Test – Song (& Message)
19:44 They removed Wechidna
19:55 6) Color Crash – Song (Wechnia vs Mighty)
21:45 Ill save you
22:12 Don’t worry Knuckles
22:37 7) Meltdown – Song (VS Chotix)
24:02 Two
25:03 Three
26:34 Four
29:45 Pause Menu Theme
30:00 Choose Your Destiny – Chaotix Mix (Freeplay Music 1)
31:51 Choose Your Destiny (Freeplay Music 2)
33:44 Game Over Animation (Full Theme)
34:09 Outro – CommunityGame

Mod Creators for VS Sonic.EXE Illegal Instruction V2 below
(some do not want to be associated with LL so I have left out some names)

XenoTheDoodler – Artist:
Atomified Productions – Duke Vocal Effects along with 4 joke songs
Noveni – Amazing pixel arts:
ItsFellow – Coder:
Gushie – Art
KofiTree – Animator:
RandomEhPerson – Art
JustSpiral – Art/Voice
RaiGuyyy – Snc rom scales
hexchroma – Art:
sssprite – Music
RandomEhPerson – Art
Xx_M4C4BREG4L_xX – owner of duke, creator of concept manuals, the logo, main artist for vista:
It’s Jackassery! – Voice/Song:
Hyperdream – ?
duccly – Music
navyy – icons:

VS Illegal Instruction V1 (Their song names appear in v2)
Sandi334_ – Soulless Endevor (made the first version, but idk if he made V2?):

Is there anyone else I’m missing?

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Friday Night Funkin’ gameplay @ 1080p 60fps & 4k (2023)
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36 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin' VS Illegal Instruction V2, CANCELLED BUILD (FNF Mod) (Knuckles/Sonic/Sonic.exe)”

  1. i kinda thought it would be cancelled after it'd get a V2. after all, it's a Sonic.EXE FNF mod, so that equals it getting cancelled. (i'm used to it now)

  2. Yo, i'm back

    0:00/0:01 – Breakout Preview
    0:12 – Laugh Preview
    0:16 – Red Chaos Ring (stopped time) Preview
    0:28 – Died/Message
    0:44 – Revived

    0:49 – Title Screen (New Version)
    1:11 – Title Menu
    1:26 – Awesome Freeplay Menu
    2:25 – Story Menu

    Breakout (3:02)
    4:29 – Maniac Laughing Transformation
    4:34 – BPM Change
    5:14 – Centered Mechanic
    5:35 – ザ ワールド (ZA WARUDOOOOOOOO)
    5:39 – Message
    5:48 – Time will be played again
    5:59 – uh oh, modchart

    Souless Endeavors (6:39)
    8:15 – A Familiar Race
    9:11 – Message

    Vista (10:24)
    11:20 – Monstrosity Transformation
    13:37 – Message


    13:44 – Continue
    15:05 – Worsened

    Cascade (15:52)
    18:17 – Ashura's Stomp
    19:20 – Noted Beeps

    Test (19:30)
    – This is just the exact same thing as Breakout but the left side character is different. So yeah, nothing special.

    – 🙁 It crash.

    *** (Again):
    Color Crash (19:57)
    21:46 – Don't worry, I will save you.
    22:13 – I can barely hear them but I think I understand the first three sentences. "Don't worry Knuckles, I will get your out of there. Please, stay here. Rescue(?) Vector, where are you?"

    Meltdown (22:38)
    – Alright, you know what? I will give you a challenge. Find all of the funny sounds and memes music that use in this songs. In replies…NOW.

    29:47 – Free beats for you, my dudes
    30:00 – A 90's Relaxing Bell Radio (gonna call it – Pixelated Bell)
    30:23 – bruh
    31:52 – Ujico Type of Music (gonna call it – Syncing Sea)
    33:48 – Defeated Balls

    this hurts

  3. Hey! owner of the title character duke, creator of concept manuals, the logo, and main artist for vista here! I hope you all enjoy the build. I'm sad it's gotten scrapped but I'm glad people are enjoying what's there, please follow the people who helped make this mod real, all of the artist and musicians, programmers so on and so forth are really talented and lovely people.

  4. I'm really sad man, it's always the peak mod.. I'm sure people will do a restoration and stuff. And seeing people doing their best motivated me.
    I also want to create a FNF mod but finding people willing to help is hard..

    But if anyone is interested, we really just need a composer for a short OC Sonic.EXE mod like (Only 1 pretty long song)

    Sorry, I really need to ask for help everywhere. I know some people have a big heart to help others. Thank you.

  5. I hope that Illigal instructions will not die completely, that no one will forget about it. If we discard the problems with the developers, then the mod itself is really excellent. I hope the fandom will promote these tracks and the mod itself in principle. Love you, illigal instructions…

  6. if xeno is dead then some other character will take its place and everyone will just reupload all of the old sonic.exe mods with that new character
    sonic.exe is not over yet, this is just the beginning


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