Friday Night Funkin vs Mario: REBOOTED MOD (FULL WEEK)

FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN’ vs Mario Rebooted community mod Friday Night Funkin’ games mod full week playthrough BF vs Mario!! Amazing Mario Friday Night Funkin’ Music using Mario songs, Mario 64, Super Mario World, and more!! There are funny Mario mods, funny retro Mario mods, girlfriend/ GF is kidnapped and Peach is kidnapped by Bowser! Can Mario and BF save GF?

What if Mario and Luigi had Minecraft TNT? –

Super Mario Party ALL MINIGAMES!! (Mario, Yoshi, Luigi, Peach) –

What if Super Mario had Custom Goombas? –

#FridayNightFunkin #FNF #Mario

Intro Friday Night Funkin vs Mario: REBOOTED MOD (FULL WEEK) – 0:00
Opening Cutscenes – 0:27
Mario Overworld Theme (Song 1) – 2:11
Mario Underground Theme Transition (Secret 1) – 3:12
Bob-omb Battlefield Theme (Song 2) – 3:54
Mario Athletic Theme: Super Mario World (Song 3) – 5:39
Sped Up Mario Theme Athletic Mario Theme (Secret) – 6:34
Friday Night Funkin’ Trivia Questions – 7:25
Thank you for watching – 7:44


40 thoughts on “Friday Night Funkin vs Mario: REBOOTED MOD (FULL WEEK)”

  1. So, ZX, just a fellow, hint if you want the mod to play perfectly, 1: Go to settings, then go to gameplay, and make sure, that Ghost-Tapping is ticked, if it is then if you want to hold the keys while you wait, it doesn't deduct any health or points, 2: go to gameplay settings again, fi you want to change scrolls, mess around with them a bit until you get used to them.
    Anyway, that's all from me. There was a setting that removed miss sounds, but I think that got removed depending which Engine you are using, other than that, great video.

  2. How is the expensive you’re like one of the best YouTubers because you just pick the best game in a long time amazing view and yes videos on the way six Kryzan like no my first comment do you say right now just ignore the babysitters have never see you ever again what is the game is literally shut up but that was like a pretty boots the song song song goes like you did it like you say you are you like awesome YouTube what do you think you awesome I just want to be in your videos your videos are the best


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