Friday Night Funkin': Vs. Tactical Cupcakes Full Week [FNF Mod/Hard]

Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Tactical Cupcakes Full Week [FNF Mod/Hard]


Key Authors
TacticalCupcakes – Director, Composer, Music, Charting, Character design, VA for Self and Skylar
Sakurakoto – Co-Director, Art & Animation, Music, Charting, VA for Senpai

MegaFreedom1274 – T.C. Spritesheet
Techpack_64 – Skylar Spritesheet
BlueFrok – Dilemma Skylar sheet, Ski creator
LittleGeecko – Base Senpai sheet
sakaruchibi – Background artist for Garcello week and T.C.’s apartment

Guest Musicians
Doroido Rui – Songs 1 and 3 in Week 2, some freeplay songs
Sandstrom – “A path to apathy” instrumental
Zatask – T.C. Week instrumental producer
StardustTunes -Week 2 second song, Requiem in Freeplay

Crossover Credits
atsuover -Hazy River assets
Rageminer – Hazy River assets, Garcello VA

Psych Engine team
ShadowMario – Lead Programmer
Shubs – Input system
PolybiusProxy – .mp4 video loader extension
gedehari – Chart editor
Keoiki – Note Splashes
Ghost1843318 – Main engine

FNF Dev Team
ninjamuffin99 – Programmer
PhantomArcade – Animator
evilsk8r – Artist
Kawaisprite – Composer

Other Credits
BO EN – “My Time” original composer
OMOCAT – OMORI creator

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