Roblox FUNKY FRIDAY CONTRIBUTORS are QUITTING ROBLOX FNF?! We’ll be diving into the reason why more Funky Friday Animators and Modelers are making the switch to Friday Night Bloxxin’ and are working for both games…

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31 thoughts on “FUNKY FRIDAY CONTRIBUTORS are QUITTING?! (Roblox FNF)”

  1. I think this case put the nail in the coffin for Funky Friday, no animator or modeler is willing to work for a dying game, and if even the contributors are leaving, its just over, as simple as that

  2. To be honest, if I was a contributor for ff, I would actually move to fnb as the mechanics are better at every stage. Hate me if you want for this but as I have my own projects and a FNF game currently working on, I would move to fnb if I was a ff modeller.

  3. Well since ff just got a big update i am not that suprised that the game is almost ded at this point, in terms of updates how ever its different, i am guessing that the devs are trying to make bigger and better updates that lead the comunity to leave or be kinda like me who only plays when the game gets an update

  4. i mean i feel bad for the ff devs but most of the stuff is broken like you can glitch in the wall ghost tapping is still trash and my problem is that i cant hear the song like wtf .

  5. Well I dreaded the day this game (ff) would soon die,but I knew eventually this game will soon become irrelevant which is already noticeable by the number of active players in the game,well at least fnb is getting some attention.but I sense that this game will soon be abandoned

  6. i spend my entire day playing fnb at home before school then i go to school and play it during class and at lunch i play it instead of eating and when i go home i play


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