GANGPLANK REWORK 2021 Gameplay Spotlight Guide – League of Legends

GANGPLANK REWORK 2021 Season 11 Gameplay Spotlight Guide, huge buffs and nerfs to every ability, new E barrel limit, more barrels! – League of Legends. Gangplank changes and old vs new comparison. 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS:

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36 thoughts on “GANGPLANK REWORK 2021 Gameplay Spotlight Guide – League of Legends”

    Also more mini reworks Rito, ty! =)
    Added a few more Sentinel Rengar & TFT Egg codes in this video, more to come in every video so subscribe, here, have 2 more: EW5423562RYFTMHPRVFLWGV3L EW5405PQHKE2G23HCUFK5UY56

  2. A true rework would have been to replace the useless, over complicated & easy to avoid barrel mechanic. This champion wont survive the early game to get to a successful late game with kitty slap Q

  3. – Nerf the movespeed from 30% to 15- FCKING 30%, so you cant hit and run 'til lv18 cause Riot dont want a champ have no Dash, Invisible, hard CC can runaway from a 1v1 with full mobility bruiser which have a free dash and a stun, slow, could kill you within 5s and you cant do anything about it except W flash away.

    – Nerf the Q interaction with Grasp so you have no choice left beside those shitty runes and unable to trade during lane phase, so you have to play safe under turret and desperately wait for you jgler.

    – Buff the CritPlank to make you build Shieldbow and IE which is 2nd and 3rd Item after Essence Reaver so if your game last less than 30mins, you have to combat with 60% Critchance while hoping the enemies dont have tons of shielding and healing so you "maybe" can 1shot them.

    Riot: Irelia, Camille, Riven, Akshan might seem a "little bit" OP, maybe we should rework a completely normal champ which already have less OTP and less winrate than all these bruisers just because he did well in FCKING PROFESSIONAL TOURNAMENT.

    sry for my bad English 🙁


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