Genshin Impact – Taking down 1st Abyss Lector in 40s and 2nd Abyss Lector in another 35s

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25 thoughts on “Genshin Impact – Taking down 1st Abyss Lector in 40s and 2nd Abyss Lector in another 35s”

  1. 999 Subscribers Video at the time of drafting this comment – A big THANK YOU to everyone who has chosen to click on the subscribe button for my Genshin Impact Contents. It was a fruitful journey as I look forward to upload latest information to keep everyone updated on first hand.

    I look forward to growing this small channel of mine with everyone of you, and most importantly look forward to your comments and thoughts because this is the best way for us to reach out to each other and letting me know if you are enjoying my contents.

    Cheers, stay amazing everyone.


  2. Thank you for putting in so much effort to make content! I really enjoy watching your videos so I hope you continue to post them. You deserve way more recognition!

  3. The e spam bennet makes even more better since it has fckton of pyro application (can melt 4 ganyu attacks in one E) which easily breaks shield since shield breaking is based on how powerful the applications are.

  4. Insane bro! Can you find out if they have a threshold where they finally activate their shields? Or can you just wait until the shield is up and then DPS it down??

  5. So glad to see "K" after the number of subscriber. That would be awesome if you make a discord server as well. You play in America after all. Many people play in Asia and for those who play in America are just seeking for a place to hang out.


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