GOODBYE, LADY DIMITRESCU… | Resident Evil: Village – Part 13

My Dearest Lady Dimitrescu, writing this letter is the most painful experience of my life. I would rather choose to have my hand sliced off a thousand times more (preferably by you) than be cursed with the burden of putting these thoughts to paper… but paper I must…

Our connection runs deep. Deeper than the mold coursing through my veins. Deeper than your claws whence they pierced my heart. Deeper than how deep a pool would have to be for you to stand at the bottom and still be underwater. But I must move on… I have another life. Another world. Another… family. And though I would gladly cast them into a volcano of hellfire for another second with your crystalized remains… I cannot. Because I am dead. And that is literally the only thing keeping me from respecting your power a single moment more. Should there be an afterlife, I can only hope that I find myself held safe within your warm, profound, ample embrace.


Ya boy

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28 thoughts on “GOODBYE, LADY DIMITRESCU… | Resident Evil: Village – Part 13”

  1. Are you missing something??? Yeah, the two strongest weapons in the game… One you sold and the other you didn't pick up because you liked the classic shotgun better. Now it's taking you 4x longer to kill her LoL 😆
    You skipped the end with the book… There was more to the story if you'd watched it.

  2. My honest opinion is that you should have waited to play the game when you got back from all the whirlwind that is Canada for you some may argue we got more episodes stop complaining but nope here I am saying that less episodes with longer watch time would have been better and we wouldn't had been forced fed ads as in your own yes I get it must promote but at this point I hope all your videos have no more mention of it

  3. Alright, Press read more if you have seen the ending

    it's official this ending is going in my top 10 of gaming cause after everything in RE7 to get Mia, and The continuation in RE8 to get Rose, Ethan went through a lot and saved them both to die a hero, his legacy to be carried on by the daughter he sacrificed everything for. This goes down in my number 7 favorite video game ending. If you are curious what's first, I won't answer that, no need for war.

  4. Call it silly, but the moment Ethan is holding his daughter, I saw my own for just a moment, and it took me back to when I first held mine all bundled up and I started to cry. I love this game.

  5. I skipped ahead but does markiplier have the magnum? Because what I did to kill her fast was just save all my magnum ammo and just kept head shoring her till she was dead

  6. seeing this, mean that ethan was the first subject live and not becoming unstable, which probably what the umbrella corp trying to gain in the first place aside making more trouble

  7. Imagine if in the next one they figure out somthing survived Ethan could still be alive the dude got his heart taken out and he’s still killed the final boss so that just a theory but hi mark


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