GTA 5 Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K HDR | Grand Theft Auto V Police Chase

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GTA 5 Xbox Series X Gameplay 4K HDR | Grand Theft Auto V Police Chase
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Full Grand Theft Auto V in 4K:

Grand Theft Auto or also abbreviated as GTA is a classic in the games industry. And so the latest offshoot from Rockstar Games GTA 5 is no exception. GTA 5 has also introduced its online multiplayer version called GTA Online which is immensely popular on all platforms. Good news, that GTA V and its multiplayer offshoot GTA 5 Online will be optimized for the next gen consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X until mid 2021. I am looking forward to make many Xbox Series X Gameplay footage in 4K not only from GTA 5 but also from GTA Online all with 4K. Unfortunately this GTA 5 Gameplay is not optimized and runs only in 4K 30 FPS. But as you can see, the FPS are way more stable than on the Xbox One X. GTA V is not optimized for the PS5 either. But I can imagine, that GTA 5 and GTA Online will be run in 4K 60FPS with high resolution textures!

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Platform: Xbox Series X
Game Title: Grand Theft Auto 5
Game Mode: Singleplayer


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All gameplay played and captured by us (TurkishSoldiers), (Cx VCX90 Cx)
Our XBOX LIVE GAMERTAG: TurkishSoldiers, Cx VCX90 Cx
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