Hitman 3: 8 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

Be the best Killer Cueball you can be. #Hitman3

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17 thoughts on “Hitman 3: 8 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You”

  1. Wait, wait I can now go on kill crazy rampages?! That's freaking sweet! Here's the question…who here is going to try and murder everyone in a location? I know I sure as Hell am! Hopefully, IO doesn't just spawn endless NPC's to replace the one's I take out. I'm going to try as many funny methods as I can. I want the news headlines to read "Madman takes on city with a frozen trout. Many dead and hundreds battered." 😉

  2. Games not released just yet so lets put out a generic clickbait video containing tips that seem to be blatantly obvious without needing to be told about, like taking your time and saving often.

  3. I try really hard to get into these games but once the game goes into Combat. The worlds most deadliest assassin becomes the world's most easiest to kill Assassin.

    At least this is how it is in the first game which I can't seem to get past

  4. I can't believe they've copied and pasted the exact same tutorial again, I liked it in season 1, then it was there again in season 2 which confused me at first and now here it is again, is it that hard to make a new tutorial?


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