HOW TO WIN 1V3 FIGHTS CONSISTENTLY! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks Pros Use to Win Outnumbered)

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0:00 – Intro
0:38 – Going About 1V3s
1:48 – Use Existing Pressure
3:36 – Isolate Opponents
5:05 – Audio (CRUCIAL)
5:37 – Preparation
6:38 – Nades & Utility
8:07 – Ultimate Way to Train!
10:13 – Summary

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24 thoughts on “HOW TO WIN 1V3 FIGHTS CONSISTENTLY! (Apex Legends Tips and Tricks Pros Use to Win Outnumbered)”

  1. yo what legend would u recommend the most for my situation? I always get to fights after my teammates knock or finish them. I want to be able to run around the map fast and get more kills and higher damage. so what legend should I learn to help me get into and out of fights faster?

  2. Solo queue in pubs is just like ranked lol. All jokes aside I found Arenas to be a good spot to practice 1v3 b/c I rarely get a skilled team. Most of the time it’s newer players that don’t understand angles or the value of poke damage so they solo full send. Good point about solo queue though.


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