HoA +15 Insane DPS | Balance Druid PoV | Shadowlands Season 1

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Talents, Soulbind/Conduits and Stats can all be seen in the top left of the screen. Using the legendary Balance of All Things. Although I would prefer to play Primordial Arcanic Pulsar in M+, Balance of All Things is the better legendary for raiding (which I do at a high level) which is why this is my priority of spending Soul Ash on.

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21 thoughts on “HoA +15 Insane DPS | Balance Druid PoV | Shadowlands Season 1”

  1. how do you feel about balance druid nerf ? and balance of all thing ?

    ive been using pulsar lvl1 for M+ and balance lvl1 for Raid … Tried balance of all thing in M+9 and lost good chunk of dps!

  2. how come in various fights you were using starfire instead of wrath when you were in a solar eclipse? i thought unless you have 8+ mobs wrath is always better during solar eclipse no matter the situation


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