How I Deal With Two Pyro Abyss Mages Genshin Impact #Shorts

This is how I deal with the two pyro abyss mages at end domain when farming Keqing’s talent books. If you have better way to do this, I appreciate the help. Genshin Impact #Shorts


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  1. For me, I use hydro to low one of them (the shield ofc) (I'm using mona because her ES helps), and then make the other mage close one to another and break the shield I lowered before and inflict hydro to the stunned mage and use venti (I don't have one, so I use sucrose) so the other mage's shield will break easily by the hydro swirl and just finish it with your dmg dealer

  2. Well, Abyss Mages aren't much threat for me. But I really hate Whopperflower. Damn I hate it when they start throwing elemental to me like machine gun. Often, there's more than 2 of them. Graaahhh!

  3. pfft you know the easiest way guys?
    tartaglia e to destroy shields, venti q, benny q, and then tartaglia ranged burst.
    so please wish on tartaglia's banner, if theres more sales they might give my boy a melee plunge


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