How To Find Phased Array Elements (AESA) in 12.9 – Escape from Tarkov

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In today’s video, we go on the hunt for some Phased Array Elements (aka AESA’s) in Escape from Tarkov, showing you all of the common spawns for these expensive and sort over items. These items are not only needed to make a large profit inside of the Flea Market but you also need a hefty 4 of these to form the Solar Power Upgrade within the Hideout. So join me as I discuss the best ways that you can find these items.

Reserve Map –

0:00 – Intro
0:49 – APC on SW Corner
1:47 – White Knight Building
2:38 – RB-AK Room
4:33 – White Queen/King
5:32 – Bunker in NE Corner
6:20 – RB-BK Marked Room
7:00 – RB-VO Marked Room
7:45 – Underground Near D2 Extract
8:42 – RB-ST Key Room
9:32 – Other Ways of Getting Them / Outro

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36 thoughts on “How To Find Phased Array Elements (AESA) in 12.9 – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. …i .. HATE RESERVE. Its a fucking shite map. Shooter Born in Heaven is like "You have 1 Minute to get a Hatchling that speeds to a rare-spawn. After that extract because you wont get a long-shot chance anyways." Then, you make 2 of those shots in 1 round, get booted out of the round, saying "game aborted" and your quest progress doesnt count. I swear to god ill get Kappa this wipe, but never again. This shite can go into the fucking trash.

  2. I like for the first noted location he walks around the literal coffins with a body in one of them and simply calls them 'green containers'

    Edit: RIP RB-AK key prices

  3. Is it ok to be triggered that he's calling SPAA's APC's? For anyone who doesn't know, an APC is an Armoured Personnel Carrier. Those vehicles he shows at the start are SPAA's (Self Propelled Anti-Air). RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. I do have the RB-ST and I open it often. But in like 25 times going in this room, I only find one AESA. So I don't think this is a good key at least at the moment.

  5. You forgot a spawn. In black horse on the first floor an unlocked unopened door, the third door when you walk in from the entrance that faces white horse on the desks from what ive noticed can spawn any tech item and some valuables. So far ive found a phased array element, a graphics card, a tetris, the common ram, pc cpu fan ect, and for valuables ive found commonly horses and the occasional watch


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