I Spectated The WORST Player In Fortnite…

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CourageJD is a troll and this video is…. yeah

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46 thoughts on “I Spectated The WORST Player In Fortnite…”

  1. Worst player. Lol that’s up for debate. Spam builders are the worst players. Not the mod pack players. Especially you ninja. Season 3 went down hill fast when the guns got nerffed so bad the end result was the pistol dose the most damage at 45 over the other guns coming in at 20 and 35. All in the name of spam builders. That is a bad player that builds and hides then makes a window to shoot someone because they know that the guns won’t shoot threw their spam builds fast enough. This game has favored builders because the people that think they are good just hied behind walls and won’t engage in a fire fight. Beginning of season 3 was lit then the people that thought they were good started getting blaped with guns when the bullets actually did their job correctly. All of you got it. Then the crying started and how Fortnite was broken lol. Guns got nerfed and spam builders were good again. Epic forgot that guns need to shoot walls down fast. Cover is good but when it takes a clip to get threw one wood wall. That’s trash. Come view the twitch TurboF160 and see our point of view. We kill we don’t build.


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