INFINITE AMMO SMG! Outriders Legendary The Migraine!

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Outriders Legendary SMG, The Migraine is Back! Reworked from the demo, its new Tier 3 Mod Bombs Ahead is not very good. Fortunately it has Brain Eater built in and with Embalmers Rage you can get Infinite Ammo Builds for any class, works well on the Pyromancer Volcanic Rounds build.

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24 thoughts on “INFINITE AMMO SMG! Outriders Legendary The Migraine!”

  1. Top tier weapons in this game remind me of Division 2, I mean sure you get epics but the weapons are not worth a dam. The purple weapons are much better in this game. Sad that.

  2. About the embalmers rage does the 5 seconds duration resets with each kill ? , Or do u get it for 5 seconds then wait for it to end and wait the cooldown ?

  3. Yeah I don't like the anomaly singularity. Gotta love that winter blast though. That brain eater+embalmer's rage is pure genius! I NEED embalmer's rage. Imagine putting it on the Inferno Seed.

  4. The problem with on kill economy effects is if you fight anything tanky you can empty your mag before you know it. I imagine this would be compounded by a smg's firing rate. Its a good mod combo for sure and 100% crits from embalmers rage should be killing things quick but I don't know if I could risk it on my pyro.


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