Is Your Valorant Duo Holding You Back?

Your Duo Might Be Holding You Back…

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33 thoughts on “Is Your Valorant Duo Holding You Back?”

  1. On the Virginia servers I play in, I constantly run into this duo, let’s call them S and XL. I played a game with S and became friendly, because we played really well together. We queue up another day, with S’s friend, and S is a completely different person. He was toxic to everyone, criticizing people’s agent picks, overall just a rude guy. But he was especially rude to his friend XL, who is clearly much younger, and kept saying “How did you get up there, I deserve your rank, XL”. (S is p3, XL is D3). XL could easily be high immortal but S constantly shit talks him and he plays worse when S is toxic. I just don’t understand why someone would be so awful to their friends. “Friends” can absolutely hold you back, and you need to keep that in mind.

  2. Idk, I had a game with a rando cypher the other day who used deagle only for first 4 rounds had 8000 credits and wouldn't buy anyone and had 1 kill. Missed probably 100 deagle shots. I asked him to use a better gun and he said "don't tell me what to do", so then I went off on him telling him he's throwing and cussed him out and told him to go play unranked or death match if he only wanted to deagle. After that he started using a vandal and dropped 35 kills. I think he was a smurf trying to do deagle only but because I yelled at him he wanted to do better than me. Which in turn won us the game. So I think yelling at people is sometimes the only way to make them do better

  3. Last placement game I had this one guy on my team was negative Neddy the entire time. His coms were only reason why he died/unfair whinning or how bad our team was doing as whole. No useful info at all. I wanted to tell him to just stop communicating because it just tilting me with such depressed guy on the team, instead i just ignore him.

  4. I totally got that mental warfare thing bro, In my recent game we made a comeback from 2-12 to 14-12 just by messing with their top frag reyna in all chat "come take mid aim duel " she loses 5 times in a row then reyna totally lost mind start throwing like crazy xD. Map Ascent

  5. sometimes i get teams like that, usually it's one person that incites the others… the other day I had a Phoenix that kept taking spike and not planting, he kept deviating from the team looking for kills, i politely asked him to please toss me the spike if he wanted to go look for kills (i'm low elo so whatever if you want to go play deathmatch its cool the rest of the team was together). He turned around and yelled ya know what, for that ima just take the spike and go alone every time now… and i was just like cmon man don't troll… dude starts yelling at me like who do i think i am, rest of the team i think were with him start telling him to calm down, then one of the others starts yelling at me as well… and i just sat there… took it, and when they quieted down i just said… ya'll remember we're on the same team right? i dunno about ya'll but i wana win and that kinda takes all of us… so i was just making a suggestion… u dont wana take it aight, but dont demoralize me just cus you don't agree or you misinterpreted my tone. Comms became limited to game info after that and we ended up winning ^.^ (the whole incident happened around round 4)

  6. 3:55. That's fat cap you can get chat banned for anything I called some guy something in all chat once csuse he killed me in a corner and then from tuen on my teammates just assumed I'm toxic in team chat even tho I'm not

  7. This was me and my duo last act cos i boosted him from iron 1 to gold 3 in 1 season and since he stopped playing the game at the begining of this act I've been solo q and I've got to diamond 2 in this act so ye I think he may have been holding me back

  8. The thing about tilting is. KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. You sighing i to the mic, swearing, grunting will never help the team. Youre only helping in bringing the teams morality down


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