It Starts Now // Episode 3 Kickoff ft. Community Creators – VALORANT

Over the past year, we’ve seen our community erupt with creativity as they shared their unique VALORANT experiences with the world. Now, we’re partnering with a few talented creators to show you what’s kicking off in Episode 3.

Reload and ready up. It starts NOW.

Featured creators:
Twitter: dopatwo
Instagram: dopatwo_official
YouTube: dopatwo
Twitch: glitchZilla

YouTube: manicglam
Twitter: manic_glam

Liquid Enigma
YouTube: 3n19ma
Twitter: the3n19ma
Instagram: tiagopassion

YouTube: Bolixie 快樂玻璃鞋
Facebook: Bolixie 快樂玻璃鞋

YouTube: diyyoTV
Twitter: diyyoLoL
Instagram: diyyo__

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36 thoughts on “It Starts Now // Episode 3 Kickoff ft. Community Creators – VALORANT”

  1. Hi Valorant/Riot games I'm gonna get straight to my story a while back i got a banned for a month because my internet was bad and i wasn't gonna play glitchy so i turned my computer of and banned for a month i just started getting back into the game and i actually enjoyed it but here's were my problem started so i have my windows 10 computer plugged in to a monitor and a keyboard and mouse plugged into it and I'm also recording gameplay for my YouTube channel and then my computer said it was at 10 percent and i didn't plug it in cause i thought i would have to time plug it in and if i have all that stuff plugged into a windows 10 or it would overheat it and then my computer turned of and i was banned and hours before that i was playing and i went to spend time with family and got banned for 3hours for afk so they did give me a chance but then banned for my computer dyeing but the point of me typing all this was for you guess to notice me and unban me my name is Jaydog86 can you guys unban me please. and can you guys please change your penalty and ban system because its not always far for some people to be honest i feel like it should only be used for competitive but unban me please my username on Valorant is Jaydog86

  2. Heyho Valorantteam.

    Es gibt etwas, dass stört mich jetzt schon seit längerem und wurde seit 3.0 um 100% verschlimmert. Und zwar sind abilities unwichtig. Es passiert in jeder Runde, dass 1-4 Personen keine Ahnung von dem Spiel oder Fähigkeiten haben, sie entweder falsch oder gar nicht nutzen, und einfach trotzdem 4x mehr kills haben als ich obwohl ich nicht mal so schlecht im aiming bin. Man könnte einen dieser Personen gar keine Fähigkeiten geben und sie würden immernoch zu viele kills machen. Ich finde es traurig, dass ich mit so guten Spielern/gegen so gute Spieler spielen muss und dass Fähigkeiten nicht viel wert sind.

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