LAST MINUTE CHANGES Before The Shadowlands Launch! Warcraft Weekly

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The weekend before the launch of Shadowlands we see a high number of last minute changes! We dive into the big shifts, what’s up with addons and more in this FINAL WEEKLY before the Shadowlands launch!

Wowhead Ion interview
Blizzard press assets
HD Cinematic
We Ride Forth by Robert Brooks

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1:34 9.0.2 and Zombies
3:42 Curseforge scare
4:57 Last minute changes
8:52 Ion Hazzikostas info drop
13:31 This is it!!!

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35 thoughts on “LAST MINUTE CHANGES Before The Shadowlands Launch! Warcraft Weekly”

  1. Thought I would roll a Dark iron Dwarf DK last night. The Intro had 2 quests then I was dropped at the Gate to Stormwind where I was set upon by 5 zombies. I was dead. Deleted the DK. I will make another one after Turkey Day. Delaying playing Shadowlands for a while.

  2. Pfft, who wants to watch some filthy hordie level?

    Not sure how I feel about the time gated torghast unlocks. I guess it's probably a good thing I can't sit there endlessly farm to dif 8. Will give me an excuse to take a shower at some point this week. 🙂

    And the flying thing, does this mean you need to reach those renown levels on each individual toon to unlock flying on them, or only one one toon? If it's every toon I'd rather have pathfinder unlock flying.

    Tier sets have always had set bonuses. I realize you don't like set bonuses for some unconceivable reason, but I think your bias is effecting your thought process here my friend. Nothing has been said that I can find that rules out set bonuses.

  3. I love the change to the chest i HATE mythic keys and hated feeling forced into mythics just to get the chest itll be nice to earn rewards doing what i want to do instead of what im forced to do and for the few who want to max out their choices suck it up buttercup i was forced to do mythics with you whinging asshole all of BFA so now youre going be forced into my world its a fair trade off if you ask me

  4. Only reason I ever play non-ranked PvP is for the conquest rewards to help with gearing. It is overwhelmingly a frustrating grind. I'd love to PvP with a group that worked but I don't want to commit to a PvP guild. A 5-7 person option that operates more like mythic+ pugging would be sweet. Maybe pros would come in and sweep these pugs but I think if greater rewards where only available through ranked PvP, with sick transmogs needing a lot of matches, I think those pros would stay in ranked and leave us plebs alone to Duke it out.

  5. The honor points from rated pvp I actually feel like is really good. As an example, my husband is a pvp'er, but is pve'ing in wow with me because I love pve wow. But this encourages me to pvp more with him in the ways he wants me too.

  6. Yes I want to thank the wonderful people or person who decided to bring the zombie infection to every ice crown boss fight for the entire evening. I'm probably not going to get the 34 slot bag because of that a******.

  7. The take about the PvP change is weird. It is overall the best change they've made regarding PvP in a very, very long time and in combination with being able to buy catch-up gear with honor and also upgrading all PvP gear with honor it's gonna be a good time. Now I can't deny there's some disparity… LFR/Normal raid probably shouldn't apply to the Great Vault either. But by comparison it isn't difficult to get together with a friend with Rated Arena, or to start up a YOLO group for RBG's.

    That's perhaps the most exciting thing, people will actually have an incentive to do Rated Battlegrounds again.


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