League of Legends Totally isn’t STILL Broken Right Now

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League of Legends with Axiom Arc and Navori Quickblade totally doesnt feel broken right now…

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Credit to IDemandASandwich from my discord for creating the dope new intro!

Credit for Various Channel Art Assets and Animations goes to Jakob from Sweden: @jaakopp

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31 thoughts on “League of Legends Totally isn’t STILL Broken Right Now”

  1. you went melee against that garen, thats all. learn to stay far from him, he literally cannot damage you. He is what one would call a "juggernaut", literally the xp, gold, dragon soul dont matter just dont approach him lmao.

  2. I’ll take the bait though, just don’t step close to Garen. Lucian’s got the mobility, Rav would’ve survived if he didn’t stand right next to the guy with a sword as big as Lucian’s body.

  3. rav: hm yes i must dash into a melee juggernaught with 0 mobility as a marksman with a dash and range at my disposal to kite people out but no i will not use this and instead allow myself to be combo'd by a champion WITH LITERALLY NO WAY TO DAMAGE YOU IF YOU'RE NOT WITHIN MELEE RANGE OF HIM


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