Lets play Humankind – Lucy Open Dev #10

Lets play Humankind – Lucy Open Dev

Finally I got my hands on the new Amplitude game: Humankind. We have until December 28th to lead humanity from the stone ages into an advanced civilization. There are all kinds of cultures and ideas to choose from, battles we can have and technologies to research. Please keep in mind, that the state of the game does not represent the final product. It is a Beta and is still under development. The open dev features the first 4 stages of humanities development and I will try to get through all of them. Let’s find out what Humandkind will be capable of if it was us writing its history!

To participate in the open dev Lucy you need to pre-purchase the game and follow the instructions here: https://www.games2gether.com/amplitude-studios/humankind/blogs/749-lucy-opendev-available-now.
I don’t have any partnership with amplitude or a key-store, so I wont provide a direct link to buy the game, nor will I compel you to do that. Just watch my content and decide for yourself if you want to invest.

If you like the game, support Amplitude Studios by buying this game. Such strategy game developing excellence should be rewarded!
Amplitude Studios holds the copyright on Humandkind and all it’s related trademarks. Copyright © 2020 Amplitude Studios. www.amplitude-studios.com


1 thought on “Lets play Humankind – Lucy Open Dev #10”

  1. You know that probably but the regions under neutral tribes influence (white/grey coloured regions) can be ransacked in the outpost stage or you can conquer/influence-buy the city later on. It can anyway save you in total some influence if just wait and let them develop into a city….
    BTW when plyaing on my own all AIs actually kind of waited before I choose the next era nation. I was in a clear lead right, but some of the more competent AIs already reached 7 stars for some turns before I was satisfied with fame milking 🙂 Maybe a bug or forced feature for this sceario, but I have never been limited in the selection….
    There is also at least one additional administrator in civic tree and maybe some in random events? And you can combine regions in larger cities so you can limit the number of administrators this way as well…. However merging cities was quite expensive (like 7-12k of influence when available in medieval era)
    And the ships are actually not destroyed right away, I think it takes 3+ turn on the deep ocean before being completely destroyed. But the units after just two turns in the ocean completely anihilated…


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