Marvel's Avengers: PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro – Every Upgrade Explained

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Marvel’s Avengers finally receives its PlayStation 5 upgrade! In this detailed video, Alex goes through all of the upgrades the next-gen consoles reveal and shows the game is improved over the last-gen consoles.

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37 thoughts on “Marvel's Avengers: PlayStation 5 vs PS4 Pro – Every Upgrade Explained”

  1. Does anyone else find it a little disappointing that the consoles just came out and they already have to pick between quality and performance? When PC is still able to easily have both.

  2. This update is essentially polishing a turd. The core game is still trash. A glorified hordemode with no open world capabilities, the same three or four enemy types reused with different pallets, the same repetitive locations, useless gear and upgrades that give zero incentive to grind etc. Adding visual upgrades and a few new characters to play within that garbage does not make the game itself better at all.

  3. This is good, but I'd rather have those "highest quality" features (shadows, reflections, etc…) at 1440p or 1080p through another additional graphics mode than at 4k.
    Would like to see more developers go where Insomniac Games went with their performance RT mode : lowers the resolution but gives graphics features.

  4. Gonna download this today. I was quite impressed by the physics in the quality mode, that destruction did look like a big improvement. + I can live with 30fps if it's consistent, which it wasn't so much on PS4 Pro so it's still a performance jump anyway


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