MAX Traders | New Guns, Gear & Ammo Overview – Escape from Tarkov

Going over where you buy all the new Guns, Ammo and Gear in the wipe .12.9. The ammo stats of the new ammo and some tips of getting the most out of your hideout!

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24 thoughts on “MAX Traders | New Guns, Gear & Ammo Overview – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. Guys if you want to level up just do quests and avoid all players. I hitted level 20 today and i have been playing 5 hours per day since wipe.
    Last wipe i focuse more on pvp and no quests and hitted level 10 after a week lol.

  2. They seriously need to change the way steel plate armor works. It loses it's durability way too quick, imo. One round even if it penetrates doesn't hurt the remaining 99% of the plate.


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