My Thoughts on Xiao | Genshin Impact

My thoughts on Xiao, his strengths, weaknesses, team comps, damage potential etc.

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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
01:39 Xiao’s Kit
04:46 Similarities with Noelle & Razor
06:10 Potential Problems
06:55 Potential Solutions
08:22 Potential Teams
10:31 Constellations
12:05 Artifacts
12:47 Weapons
13:42 Spreadsheet
14:47 Weapon Dmg Figures
15:59 Wrap up

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50 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Xiao | Genshin Impact”

  1. Have you run any numbers on the prospect of Xiao as a Crescent Pike physical attacker? It sounds crazy, but I was looking at the numbers and it seems like a higher floor, lower ceiling build; essentially Xiao is always "on" though his "on" is a bit worse, but you have the advantage of no longer really caring about his burst and thus you can swap him whenever you want to. His E would basically just exist to generate particles for Venti and maintain the Pike bonus (2 charges with a 10s CD means the Pike bonus should never drop off), he could run with characters like Xinyan/Bennett, and so forth. It's deliberately playing him "wrong," but the Crescent Pike is so powerful that I'm concerned it could still totally work (and he does attack fast with several multihits).

  2. Let me be the 1000th person to do an off-topic question about Noelle here (sorry) and ask which weapon is better for a DPS Noelle, R5 Serpent Spine or R5 Whiteblind? Groups I'm in are starting to swear by the Whiteblind but comparing an R1 Spine vs an R3 Blind (that's what I have), the Spine is better DPS-wise.

  3. I really hate selfish characters, never leveld razor and the only one im ok with selfishness is klee cause she still is valuable in most team comps, but xiao has awesome animations, a nice skill kit, but still he is so selfish and provides nothing to most teams so he is a no for me

  4. Xiao Jean Zhongli Albedo is not a bad team but I suspect it wouldn't have enough energy recharge unless you build really high er (maybe 250% range)
    Jean is a good energy gen unit only when you are using her e every 6 seconds. but in xiaos case you cannot switch every 6s. You are forced to waste her e energy regen. Zhongli is a very bad energy gen unit with very inconsistent energy gen. Albedo is not great either since you can only use his e every 20 seconds.
    Fav lance on all of them helps but you are losing a lot of potential dmg against maybe running 2 anemo supports and investing less in er
    Considering it's a full 5 star team idk if its worth

  5. I will definitely skip Xiao hard just cause he doesn't offers anything useful to the team. No vaporize and melt with anemo to boost dmg i think he is the most overrated character .

  6. Xiao, Jean, Zhongli, Albedo…one of the teams I thought of as well lol. Unfortunately, I don't have albedo so I'll probably run Noelle or something for the 15% bonus dmg/stronger shield.
    I really need to go to sleep.

  7. Krush, do you think Ningguang (main dps) with Zhong Li, Ganyu and either Xingqiu or Childe is a good team? Any other GEO mains, would appreciate your thoughts also. New to it so not sure what works

  8. Xiao's individual dps is looking really good. Looking at CBT footage (subject to change of course) he is pulling off a little under 1 plunge per second, which would put his DPS quite a bit higher (roughly 50% actually) than Ganyu's individual frostflake DPS while he is in his burst form assuming similar gear. This will come down to team comp and energy gen as you said, but his damage during burst will not disappoint.

  9. IMPORTANT: you MUST understand one thing – not your carry's DPS output is important, but your whole team's DPS. Xiao will have very high DPS, because he will be most of the time on the field instead of switching between your other chars in team. This means that his DPS must be high enough to make up for it, especially since he's Anemo. It would SEEM at first that he is OP due to his DMG, but in reality I expect he won't do more TEAM DPS then other 5*. But I bet that this is great idea for Mihoyo to get the most money from players because the numbers will seem super impressive in youtube vids, while they don't have to make him OP.

  10. 1) won't be pulling for xiao but will probably end getting him at some point bc banners mean nothing to my pulls
    2) anemo isn't a viable 'mechanic' for me bc i'm too clumsy to apply reaction combo + anemo for swirl, reliably [if there isn't already a status applied]
    3) this game is starting to get too convoluted for me with all the characters, artifacts + rng substats, first 3mos was awesome bc it was relatively simple. i'm old, relatively un-coordinated and really only rely on my decades of playing rpg's/mmorpg's to get me through
    4) why can't there be more fichles & xianglings..?!? [e skill stays on field, applies status & does damage]

  11. my thoughts on his c6. i think it might be that way because they try to make the character and their constellations tie into their backstory. he would normally be fighting many demons at once, according to what we know of his backstory so far. so, therefore, i think he is made to deal with many enemies at once, and not so much for bosses.
    also, from what we can tell from everything we have, hu tao is pyro xiao, what with her most likely being the sole other surviving yaksha

  12. yeah, by design Xiao will be this hyper carry dmg dealer that will do insane damage at the point where every content creator who don't know the importance of team damage will call Xiao broken, but he isn't. Xiao is super selfish and he will hurt your team more than you can hurt ennemies. There's just nobody who can support Xiao enough or supports are 5* and not everyone has them, like not everyone has jean for example. Xiao will be fun to play for sure, but if I see someone saying that he's the definition of power creep, that means he doesn't even play endgame or he just doesn't even have Venti… kupo!

  13. Krush, you should have tried sucrose, it is pretty fun watching all the hillichurls screaming at the same time “Yaaaa.. ..Waaaaa” I laugh all the time when i pull ulti on them even with low level sucrose, just for fun.

  14. Will you share your thoughts on KeQing in future videos?

    I feel that her design overall is in wierd position and I am confused as whether to pull her or not when her banner comes out after Xiao.

    Her kit suggests that she is Electro build DPS but the current best 5 star sword and unusually high charge attack multiplier are forcing her to be physical DMG DPS.
    Besides, unlike Vaporize or Melt, Electro-based reactions can't crit, further pointing her to be physical build (super-conduct gives 40% physical DMG resistance reduction for ~8 sec).

  15. Cringelord xaio. I absolutely hate that character. He's an intolerable douche. And his gameplay reminds me of the 360noscopelol crowd. That plunge gameplay style looks cancerous.

  16. I prefer lacking C6s for any charakters compared to them locking up a part of their kit which seems essential. This way the charakters atleast feel complete and their specific gimmick is fully available without having to get high constellations.


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