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39 thoughts on “NEW AGENT LEAKED and I'm LOSING MY MIND – I LOVE YOU, RIOT – Valorant Guide”

  1. I have a few ideas about what they could do with Yoru for the rework, i would make his tp instantaneous, like the Jett dash, that would help add more options than just Jett, also I would put the option to break the tp (if you're a Yoru main you've probably seen the fake tps videos), well something like that, if you hold e it'll break the tp making the sound and animation that it usually does but with without the teleport, I also would make the tp and ult less noisy, so it's harder to detect. About the flashes… I think they're ok, and I have no idea about what they should make with the footeps, even tho it's the ability that mostly need the rework, i don't how they could improve it.

    What do you think would be a nice addition to Yoru??

  2. Also just because there is a new agent doesn't mean sh** honestly. Because riot's gunplay is so bad and terrible and they don't fix game breaking things that need to be fixed. Instead rio nerf agents or fk them and then make sh** maps. Like wtf. Developers need to make a game if they are making one for fans then they need to listen to the fans and stop ignoring us because that is complete bs.

  3. IM ACTUALLY hyped about deadeye being a sentinel because I love to main at least 1 agent in a category like an initiator i main skye and breach also sova in duelist i love your but don't play him often cause of the winrate and toxicity so I play reyna and phx in the controller category I main viper but in sentinels i don't main any of these agents deadeye i kinda a mixture of yoru as a sentinel that's why I'm excited

  4. i might try out the agent but as a skye main it better have it’s share of info and ability to be annoying I mean it is a sentinel but so is sage and none of her abilities are info


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