Playstation Gets ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE EMOTE! Where Are The Original Dances? (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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39 thoughts on “Playstation Gets ANOTHER EXCLUSIVE EMOTE! Where Are The Original Dances? (Fortnite Battle Royale)”

  1. It can decently be annoying that a good emote is behind a certain platform but that’s just life, many cosmetics have done this before with not just PlayStation like the Scenario emote, a lot of people wanted it but you needed to spend a lot of money for a device just for that, also PlayStation funded a lot more money into epic games than other platforms. Overall, I do think it’s annoying but don’t just judge PlayStation and I also want more original emotes in fortnite again.
    Also I do know scenario is not an original dance but still it’s hard to make original emotes just look how many they’ve made already

  2. Trial version 5 bucks? No the trial is free, you can only do it once and it lasts 2 weeks, but it is 100% free. You don't pay for a trial, it's literally a try before you buy. Unless it's different in the US but ps+ is ps+ and a trial is a trial lol no matter what country you're in.

  3. I hate most of the Tik Tok emotes personally ever since they started making them i never liked the actual music to them since i dont most popular music in this modern era so ive been saying i wanted more original emotes for awhile although like EVERY emote was taken from something at least we had the fortnite original music and thats all i want in the end

  4. In my opinion ig it’s unfair for other console players as PS players gets a lot of exclusives but not same with xbox, Xbox fn is free so now u don’t need Xbox live to play fn anymore,ig they should do same on Xbox like Ps. Xbox live gold exclusives

  5. Every "OG" emote you are talking about are refferences to youtube meme and popular dances from OTHERS MEDIA. Kinda stupid to say that they are not original anymore, i understand about built-in tho

  6. I'm pretty sure alot of people bought playstations after it was banned on ios me and my friends for example done that so I think they're trying to give something special since that happened with the plus subscription. I don't care about exclusivity but I think it is a big deal among fortnite fans

  7. What about Progressive Skins? We never get progressive skins in the BP anymore. Most skins are a one and done skin or it has an edit style or 2 that changes a few things either color or slightly different clothes. We dont get skins anymore that have say 6-7 edit styles where the skin starts at a very barebones state at first but as the season goes on, the skin’s edit styles add onto the original style and by the end of the season it looks sick. Skins like Drift, Calamity, the pirate skin from Season 8(forgot his name), etc.

    Also can we please get more interesting edit styles for the post Tier 100 rewards? Slapping a solid crystal purple overlay on a skin and not giving the same edit style option for the rest of the set is so annoying. It makes it very hard to make any decent combos so I just never run those styles.


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