*NEW* GTA 5 How To WIN The Podium Car (GTA V Online Casino Podium Vehicle Guide – How To Win) 1.51

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GTA 5 How To Get The Car In The Casino / How To Win The Car (Podium Car) in this “GTA 5” video: GTA 5 How To WIN The Podium Car (GTA V Online Casino Podium Vehicle Guide – How To Win) For PS4, Xbox One & PC

This “GTA 5 how to win the car” shows you how you can get the car in the casino for free, this is a way to get the car every time / how to win the podium car every time (this can be used to always get the podium vehicle every week, it does take some practice to master it). I hope this GTA V podium vehicle (how to get) video was useful. be sure to leave a comment and let me know if it worked for you guys!
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44 thoughts on “*NEW* GTA 5 How To WIN The Podium Car (GTA V Online Casino Podium Vehicle Guide – How To Win) 1.51”

  1. The method did work thank you ur a legend but I forgot to put in to a garage then my character walked away from the wheel do I still have the care bc I don’t know how to get it I’m hoping I didn’t lose it

  2. If you can’t win it then after you spun restart ur game and you should be able to spin again although you don’t keep your prize from your last spin before restarting so yeah

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  5. Thanks for this. I've been using the 4 second trick this whole time but today it just kept not working. So I tried what you did in this video and it worked on the first try. Thanks!


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