NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.19 – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Champ Nerfs
2:27 Champ Buffs
4:18 Outro

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49 thoughts on “NEW PATCH PREVIEW: Upcoming Changes List For Patch 11.19 – League of Legends”

  1. just stop nerfing Varus man , pls
    maybe he deals a lot of damage with long Q range but he isnt mobile or have any kind of survivability , Varus in solo Q is a fking minion
    and why are they buffing fizz again ? lol like wtf , so they just want to delete adc's from the game?

  2. I really don’t believe Seraphine was meant to be a midlaner. Her kit is too well made for support use. It feels like as they were developing her Riot went “Oh shit, Sona is a music support. We need to give Seraphine some stuff that can allow her to play in another lane. Let’s give her extra damage on her auto with her passive and tell people she’s a midlaner”

  3. This thoguht might just be complete garbage, but instead of buffing "op" champions, like qiyana, fizz, and sylas, sera, whatever, if they got a low playrate, just send a message, like "hey, these champs got this % of play rate right now, show them some love." Instead of buffing some champs like mindless zombies. Just imagining fizz and sylas getting buffs tilts me already, an ap assassin that can oneshot and be untargetable is plain stupid.


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