New Phoenix and Viper Voicelines!

In Today’s video, we talk about the new Viper and Phoenix voice lines that were added to Valorant. No addiontal voice lines for the new valorant agent Neon sadly.

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40 thoughts on “New Phoenix and Viper Voicelines!”

  1. Phoenix's message could also be interpreted that he is going to be irrelevant to the team as the newer recruits are being much more important and skilled than him and he would do "self care" where he discovers more of his radiant powers and get buffed (like Yoru). To me personally phoenix is one with the most potential he could potentially be immortal and you cannot really kill him he would just come back in some way , he could be perfect for suicide missions this could be phoenix way of bringing something unique to the team that he can only do

  2. I think that the earth 2 phoenix is trying to get brims attention or something so that chamber can do something while Reyna us busy with neon because neon knows that there's something suspicious about chamber because of one of her voice lines, you can confirm this because cypher also had an old phone voiceline where he still can't find out what the deal with chamber, maybe it's something to do with breaking the portal? Idk this is my theory


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