Nintendo Reveals NEW Nintendo Switch Lite! + BAD NEWS For PS4 Owners!

Bandai Namco allegedly has more games coming to the Nintendo Switch, the PS4 is essentially a ticking timebomb with your physical and digital games, and Nintendo reveals a NEW Nintendo Switch Lite and it’s coming very soon!


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27 thoughts on “Nintendo Reveals NEW Nintendo Switch Lite! + BAD NEWS For PS4 Owners!”

  1. LOTS to talk about today! Sorry for no vid yesterday, had to handle adult stuff like taxes, but there was one fun thing at least that I'll know more about Thursday! ENJOY THE VID AND THANK YOU FOR 383K SUBS! ROAD TO 400K BABY!

  2. I've got Playstation 2 & 3 consoles with games from PS1 & PS4 for most of my life and for a life of me I don't get why they didn't do future proofing digital games into something akin to Steam. Yes, I have problems with Nintendo for not keeping Super Mario 3D All Stars & Fire Emblem after WiiWare/Virtual Store gets shut down & not having to expand all the way to Switch, but at least Microsoft gives a darn about their history. Cheers!

  3. I’m sorry but you do not need two switch lite it’s same hand held console but different color you should just of waited for that certain switch that’s just opinion I don’t that kind of money to just throw away for something like that

  4. How embarrassing 😅😅😅😅😅
    The knicks are so f***ing lame no one cares about that franchise anymore. Ownership ran it through the ground. Brooklyn is the cool team and that’s where it’s at. Talking about making the playoffs, so embarrassing as if the bar could be any lower.

  5. Turned your video off after saying you didn't like DBZ. Even people I know that HATE anime love dbz. You should give it another chance its really good. Watch Kai if your not interested in watching the original.

  6. 4:15 Tales of "Destiny", not Arise my boy, that game has a remake on ps2 and a Director's cut edition also on ps2 both Japan exclusive, if anything happens they will give us the director's cut edition in full HD, 60 fps, like the Star ocean R, please correct yourself in that one!!

  7. I have an interesting question. M how does anyone not know about this before the PlayStation 5 launches? It is probably true, but don't any of you think it is rather suspicious?


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