OP PREDICTIONS Patch 11.8 BROKEN Champions, Meta Updates, & More – League of Legends

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0:00 Intro
0:16 Rammus
1:50 QOTD
2:09 Rammus
6:15 Vladimir
7:09 Zac
8:57 Rumble
10:18 Other Buffs
11:21 Outro

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50 thoughts on “OP PREDICTIONS Patch 11.8 BROKEN Champions, Meta Updates, & More – League of Legends”

  1. I think Aurelion sol needs a rework, but only on his e. a lot of champs have great escapes like Senna. but attacking Senna using her e it doesn't cancel it. which is what I think should happen to Aurelion. Yea he can be rooted or stunned, but auto completely stopping his E.

  2. Id like them to make more champs scale with hp and ap, id like a mass rework of the majority of champs for example like make poppy also scale with ap on her Q and R adds more varieties for builds

  3. QODT: Aatrox:
    When rework came out, he had 2 dash stack, that was well designed, his kit felt nice to play. But he was so op, they tryied to balance him, buff, nerfs… but they could't fix him, so they just decieded to break him, cut him one leg (one dash) ok now his not that OP. Now he is strong, but feels slow, his W sucks, he's dash sucks, he does not resurrect anymore… You know what, bring me old Aatrox back PLEASE rito mofos

  4. I think Vi needs a rework, her W passive 3rd hit Armour shred is great, but honestly that could be her actual passive along with some MR shred too? and give her another ability to make her more consistent, a new W could be an active that either gives increased attack speed or increased AD for a short time. Vi is so weird right now, she's supposed to be this gap closing assassin who kills champions with auto attack speed and resets, or is she someone who has to survive a long drawn out 1v1 fight with the enemy tank, shredding their armor over a prolonged fight before finally killing them by out sustaining them? yet in both cases there are far better champions at doing both, Viego is so overtuned he is just better at doing everything Vi does, as he can get away with building BORK first, while Vi has to build Triforce or its like punching through a swimming pool of honey.

  5. QOTD: Yuumi needs a mini rework. My idea that riot can do is a mark based system for yuumi's kit. Her q applies a mark that allows the adc to do extra damage to that target based off of yuumi's AP like a different kind of imperial mandate. They remove yuumi's damage buff on w since yuumi's q will let the adc apply additional damage based on yuumi's ap when they hit the mark, they also change how yuumi's jumping mechanic works where instead of getting a 5 second cd whenever a neutral mob or enemy cc's her, her w gets put on a 6 second cd if the enemy catches her during her windup or flight since shes not immune during flight. Yuumi's E then applies a small heal along with omnivamp and attack speed to the person she hit E on. Yuumi's ult then applies a mark after 3 waves 2 marks for the full 6 waves which gives the whole team a massive speed boost similar to that of sivir's ult, but it only works when they actually hit the targets yuumi marked.

  6. QOTD: singed needs a mini rework to make him a stronger laner duelist and jungler. I love playing him but I can't cu he has a horrible laning phase and 90% of top lane match ups are unplayable

  7. QOTD: Kog'maw definitely needs a rework. His passive is complete nonsense and random AP scalings are pretty stupid as well. He needs a real passive. One that either helps him kite or one that gives him more dmg.

  8. QOTD: Please, please, PLEASE riot give my boy aurelion sol some love. Ever since those old changes he feels so bad to play, at the very least bring back the toggle w, I just want my space dragon to feel fun to play as again. I adored that champ so much but he feels so bad to play now

  9. QODT: Aurelion. His ult doesn't feel like ult of star forging space dragon. I know he's sassy, but his R is just yell at enemy. It would so cool if he could create mini black hole dealing dmg and sucking enemies in, for example. His W needs toggle because it's always going back to inner circle in worst moments and Q doesn't feel satisfying. It should stun for longer the bigger it gets or deal more dmg based on distance traveled


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