Patch 11.17 Rundown | League of Legends

0:00 Intro
1:05 Akshan
3:54 Amumu
16:00 Ekko-Irelia
29:10 Kayn-Lissandra
34:36 Lucian
47:15 Nami-Teemo
52:50 Viego
1:00:31 Xayah-Zed
1:04:38 Items
1:19:46 Fleet Footwork
1:22:55 tl;dr

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25 thoughts on “Patch 11.17 Rundown | League of Legends”

  1. The Trial by Fire change is interesting when looking at the Q change and GP now possibly going Fleet since Fleet does give 20% MS (though its not additive with TBF, at least I dont think) makes me wonder exactly how much ur losing early game if we consider the TBF passive activating at the same time as Fleet. also just curious whether PD would become a viable 2nd/4th item with the bonus AS MS and crit it gives.

  2. … if they wanna so much that people make viego dps or critical, they could, I don't know, make it works in any shape or form… it's so bad at the moment, that critical itens don't even appear in the builds pages in most sites for statistics.

  3. Hey Phreak, you think trinity might be good on Viego over crit? Itโ€™s clear that going bruiser was the higher win rate strat, and with Trinity giving AS, HP, and AS on the mythic passive, you might still be able to get away building bruiser but making up the nerf with as. Thoughts?

  4. I always take fleet on Akali, should I consider changing runes or should I instead just focus on passive processes with fleet? Not sure if you can sustain with fleet in a ranged matchup anymore :/

  5. I feel like a lot of enchanters have quite high armor/armor growth because it amplifies the value of self-sustain. It encourages them to lean into their sustain tools and buy more AP and heal/shield power rather than building tanky to survive.

  6. The mumu direction was the correct one, but phreak does not understand amumu.

    His first item isn't AP only because near all Mythics are bad for him. In fact most tank Mythics are ALSO BAD. Only Sunfire helps Amumu win and it's by a long shot. No one who isn't braindead is going to max W second even post changes. Q is such a critical ability to his kit that he can't afford that luxary and honestly most would rather have that Q burst vs W dps. We already get plenty of dps added by taking sunfire + Conqueror + Demonic on Amumu. Which makes the numbers that he shows on the Despair W changes completely irrelevant since he doesn't factor in all the added burns in the mid game with only 1 point into it.

  7. 0:45 Could the bars mean "Affects this skill range" rather than "is caused by this range"? I'm sure Phreak has it right, it just seems weird for Riot to do it one way when it seems to indicate the other.

  8. So is blue kayn passive reduced by magic resis aswell as armor? If its not why is it even magic dmg and not physical or true dmg? very confusing design imo, i think most people assume they need a mix of armor and mr against blue kayn.

  9. The irony of the Kayn nerf is that it hit his prowlers build harder than it hit Goredrinker because the problem is with the efficiency of itemizing as a bruiser, not his damage on the bruiser build. Still over 50% on Gore, 44% on prowlers and 47% on dusk. The meta is so mobility heavy at the moment having your w be a knockup on red is not nearly as useful as having your e on a 4-6 second cd when everyone and their mother can outmanuever and outheal Rhaast. Just a shame that they gut prowlers and then gut Blue and expect people to start building prowlers like it wasn't already struggling to be relevant vs Bruiser Blue.

  10. After being gone from league for 4 years coming back and playing soloq my champ pool is so restricted and the ones I play well I donโ€™t even bother abusing them and now they are nerf to be more balance this kinda reminds me of crypto currency and other bussiness investment ๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. 20:12 I have found a lot of success with Comet on Gangplank in the past, and I believe there were some high elo GP's who ran it even when Klepto-Grasp was the debate. I think ypu will see Comet as the default GP keystone now with gathering storm as GP players really double down on the late game scaling


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