Plum WITH LYRICS | Holiday Mod Cover | ft @hearticat & @ZacsRealm

Time for mutual aid!
slight politics warning lol
#theholidaymod #fnf #fnfholiday

Lyrics: Maimy
BF: Maimy
Sunday: @hearticat
Pico: @ZacsRealm
Guests: @bbpanzuRulesSoSubscribeplz123 & @mrpizzapanic


32 thoughts on “Plum WITH LYRICS | Holiday Mod Cover | ft @hearticat & @ZacsRealm”

  1. To anyone complaining that i 'made it political'
    I am simply adapting whats already here, how can i adapt a song about a marxist holiding billionaires hostage without at least glancing over why they might be doing that?
    I'm not about to have political arguments in my comments, be civil y'all.

  2. @MaimyMayo Okay that was pretty good I really like it but I got a question for you so if you do Zanta I noticed that RecD is going to do Zanta With Lyrics from the Hoilday Mod as well so I don't know who's gonna do it first if it's you or RecD that's the question I wanna know about

  3. The lyrics sounds completely amazing! It fits pico don't giving a shit about the money, just want to kill everybody there

    It's sad we didn't have the "Pico, Yeah yeah" but the lyrics slaps


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