PS5: 4 Ups & 4 Downs After 4 Months

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What have we learned about the PS5 since last November?

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47 thoughts on “PS5: 4 Ups & 4 Downs After 4 Months”

  1. I would wait it out for a ps5. Yeah it looks impressive but with all the issues i would wait on getting one. The last console i owned was the ps2 and i got that when it released at kb toys. Since then i just do pc gaming. Easy to upgrade if needed and replace parts

  2. One of the ups is the exclusives? When only one is good and the other is a tech demo.

    I’ve only heard “I turned off the trigger resistance”

    You’re the only channel I’ve seen say anything positive about the cards.

    Annnnnnd you just make yourself look really stupid 4:00

    Those downs seem horrible until you got to reconnect controller 😂 that’s happened since wireless. But yeah this could have been more than 4 downs.

  3. I am not sure Sony still has the edge on exclusives anymore. They have Horizon 2 coming out. But their exclusive list has run dry for at least a year or even 2

    Microsoft … once they start releasing. It will become a steady 2 to 3 big exclusives a year

  4. Concerning the stock unavailability; at this rate those of us who weren't able to get a console due to selfish scalpers (who said they were just trying to feed their families yet they spend potential millions on PS5s and XBOX Series Xs. Why not use that money to feed their families? Just absolutely selfish people trying to justify their actions with weak lies.) However; back to my point; that at this rate it seems the best thing to do is wait for the PS5 Pro that will probably come out in a couple of years; especially with the new games being on PS4 too which is a great thing no matter what Scott says. And let's just hope we're out of Hell when the PS5 Pro is announced and released so the scalpers don't come out their holes.

  5. Don't be mad that us scalpers took full advantage. Making money is more important then some snot nosed brat getting a console they don't deserve. I've made over $15k in profit from PS5s alone this year and it's only April! I hope they stay off shelves as long as possible so we make more money.

  6. You guys are the worst sometimes. 2 months ago you guys were complaining that most ps5 games weren't also available on ps4 and now you're using the fact that too many games are cross-generaration to again complain. Pick a side and stick with it. The hypocrisy sucks.

  7. There's a world of difference between your new system playing older system games, and putting out games for two different generations at the same time. They're obviously going be so close that the new generation owners are going to be like wtf? Or they're going to run so poorly on the old system that the people who bought them will feel ripped off.
    Of course some game companies can afford to put out two completely different builds of the same game. Unfortunately those companies tend to be the ones that force you to buy the same game every year.

  8. Up: demon souls was good
    Bad: ui, stock unavailability, no games, no backwards compatibility (most games still stuck at 30fps), there is nothing to do on the console.


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