Psycho Dad Destroys Playstation 5

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While trying to relax and play video games, my Dad shows up to drive home a lesson.


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31 thoughts on “Psycho Dad Destroys Playstation 5”

  1. Your dad needs help. He cannot just come into your house and destroy your property. He wouldn't like his property to be destroyed, so taking that into consideration is key. I understand what he said about you doing something with your life, but instead of breaking your stuff, it would've been better if he had to chill out and listen to reason and give helpful advice to you and have self control the whole time. That is the civil way to handle things. I understand his reason to destroy your stuff, but isn't that going a little overboard? Isn't that being spiteful? You were trying to make money in some way, esp. in this pandemic, but the opportunity was taken away from you. That could affect your financial situation and your house bills. Coming to your house and breaking your property is considered vandalism, and that is a crime! You have all the evidence you could gather, and it should be sent to the proper authorities. Yes, your father should be reprimanded by the law. Like I said, he needs help.

  2. Ya let's talk about it. LIke Nick. Can't you afford to train people to film? Cut and Paste for God's sake. I'm old and my head is swimming. My son likes me to watch these things, and I can't watch cause the filming is so bad. Back and forth, zing up to the ceiling, back over to Dad's face, zing back over to Mom's face then zing over to Jesse. No this is not filming this is trash

  3. Yes Jesse you need to wake up start doing what is best listen to your dad and mom they know what's best for you I don't hardly play my video games I put my controllers down I work now I usually dont have time for them even when I'm relaxing during the evening I don't play them anyway Jesse best of luck I hope things will get better for you


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