Purin [REMIX/COVER] (Friday Night Funkin')

Very creepy song indeed….still love it though! Also the “Freestyle Finale” video part is a bit messed up and out of sync. Just ignore that 😛

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Music remixed by – BLAZING MUSIC
Video made by – BLAZING MUSIC
Thumbnail made by – BLAZING MUSIC
Friday Night Funkin made by – Ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade, evils8kr, and Kawai Sprite
Friday Night Lullaby Mod made by – Banbuds, Adam McHummus,
TheInnuendoVEVO, Nimbus Cumulus, Uncle Joel, chillinraptor, ScorchVx, typic, BonesTheSkelebunny01, and many others!
Original music made by – Jacaris


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-You CAN however: monetize the content if it’s transformative such as using it as background in livestreams, intros or outros, comic dubs, speedpaints, animations, use it as a backing instrumental for your own original lyrics. You can use it as background music in school projects, vlogs, critic, education, and commentary videos.

-For FAN created content, if you need the music for anything non-profit and for fun, please go right ahead! just link back to the original video! feel free to use it in anything from AMVs, OC stuff and fan games related to the content.

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9 thoughts on “Purin [REMIX/COVER] (Friday Night Funkin')”

  1. Now this is a good remix.
    The original always gave this feeling of a lulliby, which makes sense but it teetered too much away from the idea of a rap battle for me. This one, with its well placed pauses and heavier percussion gives Purrin this vibe as if they aren't singing but are sucking the breath straight out of your lips, and with it your soul.

    This one really gives off the vibe that there's a real struggle going on here. It feels like in the pokemon games where you're desperately trying to hit with that 60-70 accuracy hypnosis. One fatal move, and you will be put into a slumber you won't wake from. Every note from Pico almost feels like a pinch to keep himself awake.

    Then when the freestyle comes in, with the unique beat, Pico almost sounds resolute in that moment, completely awake and ready to strike and then the music goes silent into a mutter—like ringing ears after an explosion. It feels like the song leaves it up to you whether or not Pico managed to stay awake or fell into darkness.

    I liked this a lot. It didn't even have to sacrifice any of the elements which made it haunting, it simply added to it.


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