Ranking Every New Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass Skin In Fortnite

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29 thoughts on “Ranking Every New Chapter 3 Season 1 Battle Pass Skin In Fortnite”

  1. I honestly don’t really like this battle pass other than just like 3 skins. I don’t find very many of the skins interesting or that good. I was really disappointed with this battle pass but I hope it grows on me over time

  2. Here is my rankings
    8: LT John Llama it’s a really cool skin I just don’t think it can compare with the rest 7/10 strong level
    7: haven ok rn it has 3 styles and probs at the end it’ll be higher with the masks 7.4/10 strong level
    6: gumbo ok this is a really cool skin nice colour schemes 8/10 pro level
    5: Spider-Man ok this is a really cool collab but I think the rest is just a bit cooler 8.2/10 pro level
    4: Harlowe is here because of the customization and it’s a really close ranking here 8.7/10 pro level
    3: shanta is a POG skin but I’d put her in 2nd if her quests weren’t so long 9.1/10 POG level
    2: Romin is a goated skin off the bat goat reminds me of my first main which was drift 9.9/10 ULTRA GOAT level
    1: Dwayne the rock Johnson is the absolute god of a skin bruh the eyebrow raise in the event bro 1/1 GOD LEVEL
    overall bp rank 11/10 TRUE GOD level


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