Ranking The BEST ULTIMATES In Valorant!

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Today we rank the best ultimates in Valorant on a tier list! This list will consider each ultimate and place them depending on how well they can lead a round, how much value they bring, and how the meta plays around it.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Criteria
1:25 S Tier
4:25 A Tier
8:02 B Tier
11:40 C Tier
14:17 Conclusion

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33 thoughts on “Ranking The BEST ULTIMATES In Valorant!”

  1. I am starting to think that proguides actually hates yoru because in every single tier list for characters, he’s in c tier. I get that some people think he’s bad, but he’s not the worst character at all.

  2. I feel like Yoru ult should slow ppl as he passes through them. That way when he pops out he can get an easier kill. I also feel like he should be able to throw a TP while he's in ult. Just my thoughts as a Yoru main.

  3. kj ult has so much counterplay its actually ridiculous… how is it S… they say "few counters" but there a) so many wallbangs to counter the ults like the one at the beginning has a wallbang to counter it, as does the one entering A main. the one on b main can be wallbanged with a high penetration weapon, which is really common in ascent b because its a common sova wallbang spot.

  4. I feel like Kayo ult is one of the best for consistent rushes, but I understand rushing isn't really great in valorant and mostly held to pistol rounds, not worth investing the ult into.

  5. As a Reyna main nothing scares me like an empress, yeah raze or jett can kill a few fast but boy oh boy when that enemy Reyna starts hunting you better fucking run for your life 😂 and it recharges at 6 orbs pick 2 orbs kill 2 people and die twice people and empress will be ready to hunt every couple of rounds And to be very honest even at days where my aim isn't crisp the shear stim is enough to kill, everyone know if reyna gets 1 kill that snowball effect just never stops. You don't need to be god level just play sensibly and go for the head

  6. KayO's revive system is totally worthless. They should change it into something more dependable,,like when key0 in his ultimate form,,he gets extra 100hp or 30 percent damage buff or 5/7 sec immunity,, something like that


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