[REMIX] Promenade – Friday Night Funkin' : ENTITY

Hi, I’ve been wanting to do a remix of Promenade for a long time, I love this song so much, and I hope you enjoy this remix as much as I enjoyed doing it πŸ™‚
Original song made by @/Saruky

Nikusa Art:

Play the original FNF: Entity:

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+ Can I make a fanchart of this remix?
– sure, just make sure to give the corresponding credits :3

+ Can I use this remix for a mod?
– In this case, no.

+ What daw do you use to make music?
– Fl Studio

+ What program do you use to make your visualizers?
– zGameVisualizer from Fl Studio

+ Do you do music commissions?
– No, I like to work only for myself :b

+ Can you work on my mod?
– Maybe.


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