Resident Evil 8 Village – Beneviento's Treasure Location & Solution

Guide for Resident Evil 8 Village Beneviento’s Treasure with its Location and Solution how to get it.

Step 1: During 3rd Village Visit (after returning from House Beneviento), pick up the Broken Slab key item from the crypt at the graveyard. It’s only available during this village visit. The crypt will be closed in earlier and later village visits, thus making this treasure missable!

Step 2: Use the Broken Slab on the grave in front of Beneviento’s house. There’s also a miniboss guarding it, defeat him.

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22 thoughts on “Resident Evil 8 Village – Beneviento's Treasure Location & Solution”

  1. For the people that are wondering why the gate isn’t opening to pick up the slab, you have to escape from the Benevento house after killing the doll. After u put the leg flask in the chalice go to the graveyard and the gate should open

  2. Took me about 20 sniper shots to the chest. I went in far enough to trigger him to spawn then i just hung around the top of the stairs . He wont go all the way up to attack you so just kinda cheese him up there

  3. Does not work if you already beat Moreau. If you beat him then try to get the slap the zombies won't spawn and the door won't open. You have to do it as soon as you get back from beating the doll and walk over towards the slab for it to open. I tested this by loading up old save right before entering Moreau territory and see if the gate opened, and it did

  4. for everyone it's not working I found what's wrong. you have do it right after your done with the boss you can't go on and do the next boss or anything


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