Resident Evil 8 Village Mercenaries – The Factory SS Rank Walkthrough

Resident Evil 8 Village Mercenaries The Factory SS Rank Walkthrough.

Mercenaries S/SS/SSS Rank Playlist:

RE8 Mercenaries Tips & Tricks Guide:

*Gameplay by Staff Member SnowNinjaRaccoon*


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41 thoughts on “Resident Evil 8 Village Mercenaries – The Factory SS Rank Walkthrough”

  1. If your having trouble getting around the map keeping the combo what I did was I watched the video while I did it and paused it after every room to see what he does next, hopefully this helps

  2. Is anyone out there really good at mercenaries and on playstation? We should be friends and you join my party, and my share play, and you get s rank for me on all mercenaries levels. Thaaaaanks.

  3. Retarded map for a trophy like this, mercenaries should have a separate list for DLC.

    I'm hoping there's a glitch to breeze through these, ridiculous requirements.

  4. Thanks for this guide, just got SSS with 1,601,565 because of it (got real lucky with the abilities and was able to carry the combo through the whole thing)

  5. I got 1,592,175 only because of this video! I just needed a good route as to not lose my combo. Thank you very much. Now the only map I need SSS on is the regular Mad Village map. It's just annoying keeping 5 complete, uninterrupted combos in a row and memorizing 5 routes. I don't understand why the 'hard' maps are so much easier to get SSS on

  6. dude I can't with factory. Can't pass S for the life of me always 2 to 4 enemies somehow spawn miles away from me and I lose everything. Won't give up going for that SS even if it takes me years.

    10/10 with the Walkthrough.

  7. Here's a tip to make the initial stages WAY easier. Immediately sell the shotgun shells, rifle rounds, and the LEMI. Buy the V61 and go hard into the strength upgrades. You'll absolutely shred everything with no skill required whatsoever. Even the boss monsters go down like they're nothing. As things progress you can start to put a few points into fire rate, ammo capacity, and reload speed to balance things out. Just keep selling the rifle/shotgun ammo between rounds. Unfortunately the modified stages don't provide access to the V61


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