Shield Kegs Are ACTUALLY Back in Fortnite Creative!

Shield Kegs Are ACTUALLY Back in Fortnite Creative and I made a WHOLE map with them!

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44 thoughts on “Shield Kegs Are ACTUALLY Back in Fortnite Creative!”

  1. You are the most creative Fortnite content maker. You do very interesting and cool videos. You deserve every subscribre you have. Love your videos. Hi from Russia.♥️♥️♥️

  2. What the heck are kegs? I don’t make these kind of complicated creative games i kinda just make 1v1 maps or just practice building and tbh i don’t really play creative i just play solos or duos or do quests to level up in the battle pass

  3. Don't know if you'll see this mustard but im curious with creative 2.0 hopefully this year and a awesome new chapter do you think it would be good to bring the block back to battle royale and boost the awareness of creative ???

  4. I played your map and whenever I was playing it you made it too hard and you took away too many health and I was running and then I was trying to figure it out but you didn't make the maze really that good okay I can see on the map of the way whatever I go to that spot there's a wall okay must replace you me to learn how to play fortnite more often while I know you I know you can play fortnite just learned learn okay you literally make the map so hard I really want to delete you off my fortnite favorite builder on my on creative okay this is why I hate watching you know I don't want to watch you never again goodbye!!!!


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