Should You Be Using The Grizzly In Escape From Tarkov?

If there is one thing that is true for all of us in Escape From Tarkov, it’s that we all get shot at a lot, and because of that we spend a lot of time healing. The grizzly has been in the game as long as I have been playing, and when we take a closer look at it it makes me wonder why I don’t see more people using it. Check out the new video where we do a deep dive on the Grizzly and if you should use it!


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41 thoughts on “Should You Be Using The Grizzly In Escape From Tarkov?”

  1. It's the space used for me.

    I run morphine, hemostat, military bandage, and alu splint in the pockets, then an afak, golden star, and surv12 in the gamma.

    Leaves space for a clip and sicc case in the gamma

  2. Have a few grizzlies stored up and when I die I heal with a grizzly out of raid so I don’t pay to heal and use some durability on the grizzly so I’m not bringing fresh grizzlies into raid

  3. Rat king Hints: Grizzly
    – you can buy it, craft it & there is even a trade that makes it as cheap as a R20-25k thing.
    – lasts a looong time.
    – heals everything except surgical.
    -slow, way too slow even too slow for player vs scav camp. The bleeds is going to get you. You get a heavy bleed on a black limb & you are dead.
    -4 slot big. too big not really worth a lot but if its you only healing item you dont want to discard it either. Right now we are late wipe & everyone is carrying pilgrims etc. so space may not be a issue but early wipe its not really viable.
    Hints: i tend to raid a 3-4 scav heavy area where scav respawn in high & its happened before that 2 spawned next to me like smurfs out of thin air, shot me, id run & bleed out in a bush because the grizzly didnt proritize a heavy bleed on a blacked out limb & its slooow. What i do instead, keep the Grizzly in my Pouch if its new or little used and instead always carry a single bandage & CAT (tournaquit) on my hotbar instead. Should i get shot up hopefully the CAT/bandage is enough to keep things in check untill i get to safety & can Grizzly up. Dont forget a cms kit. If i find something worth a lot more or/and once the grizzly is half used it ends up in my rig instead. I wouldnt use it for pvp at all, its just too slow, at least in my mind. Does work for "ratting" just make sure to disengage faster or you may end up getting "timed out".

  4. Just wanted to add: I used this since the bitcoin nerf because gas analysers are really cheap and you can barter a grizzly at therapist for a gas analyser and an ultraviolet lamp which comes out to around 20-25k … Probably cheaper then running a Salewa and a hemostat

  5. I always keep a grizzly in my gamma case and its saved my ass so many times whether I run out of meds mid raid or if I need to treat fractures its always been useful for my friends or myself

  6. The grizzly is meta for sweaty gamers with how you kind of have to run a salewa over an ifak if you want to bring limbs up to full in one heal. You can also get really meta and keep your health UI up and just cancel the heal when the limb is full health so the downside is kind of gone. It's cheaper than running a salewa, ifak, splint, and hemostat by a large margin if you craft or do the rapist trade.

  7. right now in my gamma I run Grizzly CMS docs and dog tag case and the rest are freebies for ammo or things I find. worst case scenario I move my CMS to my rig/backback because those are easy to find and trade for. Ideally I want to move to a Grizzly CMS sicc and I think that would be a very effective way to run it.

  8. I keep a grizzly+CMS in my gamma religiously. GRIZZLY is amazing for situations when you have multiple wounds on one limb (bleeding+fractures for example), where you hit use once and it heals all those damages. I don’t find the space to be a problem because when I find better stuff in raid I just drag my grizzly in my backpack.

  9. You can get a barter trade with therapist LL2 for 1 GasAn + 1 UV Lamp which if you wait for cheap prices on the flea market can end up costing 25k or less (roughly the price of a salewa).

    So if you regularly check for the barter items and do it every reset you can easily get more than enough grizzlys in your stash for very cheap

  10. That GasAn. + UV Lamp at LL2 Therapist is insanely value, it's cheaper than buying Salewas more times than not! It'll absolutely get nerfed once people stop sleeping on it


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