Skyrim Xbox Mods City Overhauls

In this video I’ve given out a nice way to refresh most of the cities without experiencing a worse time. I’m running these in a pretty heavy order and they’re still …


36 thoughts on “Skyrim Xbox Mods City Overhauls”

  1. Jk's interiors is really nice but I can't seem to get jk's aio exterior to work well I can but it crashes a lot iv placed it top middle n bottom n in between try see if you can get some stability as I can't plz help👍

  2. Amazing work as always. I’m still using your load order list you posted 2 weeks ago. Based on that load, where should I place these city mods at for best results? What would you recommend?

  3. 2:31 nice clouds. Thanks for the video, I just started a new play through after finally cutting tpos from my load order after so long because it caused 1 crash to many for my liking do I was looking for something to fix the layouts tpos did such a great job of

  4. Wow cool mods! I've recently switched from xbox to pc. Installing mods is……well….not just press A like xbox. Then pick where in the load order.
    But ive installed scandinavian Seasons and scandenavian enb and already…..WOW!! THE BEST weather mod ive ever seen. But im mostly going to install mods like i had on xbox anyway coz i loved the look. Except (tying into this video) whiterun, solitude, windhelm have some absolutely incredible expansion mods.
    Here's the best bit. On a 5GHz wifi so i can stream the game from pc to my xbox and BOOM. Still playing on xbox.

    Also. Hey try the great city of falkreath. Awesome look. Stable. Then theres the grest town of ivarstead, kynesgrove. Old hrolden…..all those hamlets and they all look super amazing too. On my xbox…..i think riverwood is the only vanilla farmhouses left.

    I reeeeaaally love city of the north dawnstar though. Winterhold is awesome too….same as morthol actually.

  5. I've always wanted an overhaul mod to Riften that follows the Ratway. As in the giant cisterns for the bar and guild, which don't appear on the surface, like entire underground is 2-3x larger than the actual city. Also the Blue Palace exterior is entirely different than the interior, it always bothers me.

  6. I think I might try way of the nords. I’m also using Redbags Solitude mod you mentioned along with the Great Cities, Dwemerfication of Markarth, and Riften Supreme. I might add better Cities entrances. I also thought about doing more to Whiterun but it has always given me problems, so I try to keep it light. I also couldn’t get the Windhelm expansion to work. However I am using several system taxing mods. Which are Populated Forts, Populated lands, Immersive Patrols, Several Mihail mods, Diverse Dragons, Deadly Bosses of Skyrim, and 4th Unknown Daedra AIO.


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