Soupalock, the Worgen Warlock, and SHADOWLANDS pre-patch! SL001 [WoW Shadowlands]

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We pick-up Soupalock, the Worgen Warlock, just in time for the Shadowlands pre-patch content! SKIP TO 24:27 for actual pre-patch stuff.

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14 thoughts on “Soupalock, the Worgen Warlock, and SHADOWLANDS pre-patch! SL001 [WoW Shadowlands]”

  1. Jesus, finally.

    Also, check your spellbook for other spells that got added that are not on your bars but should be.

    Also ROFL, what a time to do the "talk to Anduin" quest. Blizz did not account for that.

    They disable mounting near "important quest givers" because jackalopes used to drink potions and things to make themselves bigger, mount the biggest mount they had, and stand on top of said quest givers so others could not get the quest.

    PS. go do the kill Nathonos quest ASAP.

    PPS at Argent Tournament get the daily next to those quest givers to get extra marks from getting scourge stones.

    PPPS congratulations on the kid!

  2. I don't blame Soupa for his confusion here at the beggining. This is a problem i been talking about for a while in retail. When you fall behind like he did because he was absent for several patches, and then he just takes every quest he finds, he will be phased out.
    The quest where he needs Maiev is from patch 8.2 or maybe 8.1 even, for the Darkshore warfront
    The Anduin quest is from 8.3 when the Nzoth assaults just started.
    Then there is the pre-event phase…


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