Spear Fishing! | Medieval Dynasty Gameplay | EP 26

Medieval Dynasty Gameplay

Medieval Dynasty Description:
Hunt, survive, build and lead in the harsh Middle Ages: Create your own Medieval Dynasty and ensure its long-lasting prosperity or die trying!



32 thoughts on “Spear Fishing! | Medieval Dynasty Gameplay | EP 26”

  1. you have to put it all in there seeds, grain, tools i wish the dev fix that as long as you have npc Manger assign to the resource build you should not have to put that in the chest that's their job to make sure workers have their tools if you get a chance please let them know

  2. lol pike all bones. I like real fishing for pike cause they're easy big fish to catch lol… lol stabby stabby the fish you said.. "oh see he didn't like that" after you poked it n it swam away ah hahahaha. this just sent me roflmho.. thank you for being so funny.
    Wow good spear fishing thank you for showing normal spear. I see that pike was 6 coin raw form, very nice! If you clean you caught fish at the fish hut it sorts it into more pieces of fish meat according to species.
    I am glad you got field workers sorted I am still not sorted n lost yet again two more fields of variety that missed being planted. Sigh.. I will watch this again to see how you fixed it . Thank you so much Ohno I love this series you are doing.

  3. I think it would be better for community morale, if you married a local girl rather then bringing in an outsider.
    "What none of us are good enough for Mister Fancy Britches? He has to go and import some foreigner, who'll try to lord her position over us. "
    That sort of thing. Marry Norburta. Nice local girl who already knows the rankings in the village, and how everyone fits in.
    Less likely to abuse her position as the village heads wife, and stir up trouble amongst the people.

  4. Mate, you selected Simple Bag to be crafted instead of Small Pouch. Norberta is probably wondering what you've been smoking. πŸ˜‚ 🀣

    For spear fishing. You can just stand still, the fish will swim close enough for you to stab.

  5. Hey Ohno! Really like this series and how you manage your village and villagers. I'd love to see some decorations in your village like fences, paths and more lighting (I'm pretty sure your people would love it too).
    Looking forward to see more from this series.
    Have a great time and take care

  6. Considering that most folks in that time period only saw there face in the water so they had not much access to mirrors lol so I don’t think I’d like me eyes eather lol

  7. Hi Ohno! Are those really beets or are they… radishes??
    Seems as if this game was (almost) tailored towards your strength of micro-managing… very similar to your long endearment of "Heat", tho w/o those freakin' killer deer!
    I agree with another's comment, romance Norberta as a prospect towards marriage. She was your third resident, knows and enjoys socializing with the other villagers at the tavern, has a very reputable trade and is easy on the eyes!
    I have lagged a bit in viewing your vids thus trying to do catch-up (you can be the mustard……..).
    So many Kodak moments. That pike on a stick… simply Most Excellent!
    Thank you Ohno! So… not radishes? 🐈

  8. I fear for the health and wellness of your burdening community. These fine people have agreed to join you in this endeavor, working tirelessly and have narry a place to wash themselves after the days toils.

  9. ohno you do not need to put things in the barn in fact it it is worse as your taking up some of the npcs storage, npc building is for them to transfer to your storages only at this point. it was working already you checked it before you moved it. πŸ˜‰ 500+ hours in i never needed to do that, i leave everything in the resource and food storage. only one npc can do a farming job on a field at a time so one will hoe one seed etc.. sometimes they wait for there turn.

  10. Oh I hear wedding bells in the very near future. Don't get cold feet now.. lol. If you want to marry Norberta then maybe you can recruit the chicken lady. Just give her your old house after you build yourself a new one. Oh I'm looking forward to seeing more squished birds.. heehee. Awesome video thank you Ohno!!!

  11. Lol you and fishing, every game I see you play lol congratulations on spearing a pike. Lol I only watch half the video earlier lol hubby said it was my turn on the pc so I went and played subsistence.
    Maybe you can show the ladies the pike you speared lol


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